Maj7#11 chords and the Lydian pentatonic scale

Today I’m looking at Maj7#11 chords and the Lydian pentatonic scale, some great tools for improvisation with a very specific sound. To get this specific Lydian sound, play the Major pentatonic a whole tone above the root of the chord – for Cmaj7#11 for instance, I use the Dmajor pentatonic.

This approach gives us the following notes to play over the Maj7#11 chord: D, E, F#, A, B, or a Rt, 2nd, 3rd, #4, 6th, 7th scale formula.

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Jim Hall – London Jazz festival 2012

This is the last time I saw Jim hall live, but his genius lives on and inspires guitarists to persevere and look for their own, unique, style of playing.

The sense of musical bravery and adventure is ever present in his improvisations – in his eighties at the time of this performance, the master delivered an interpretation of a classic mixed with spontaneous improvisation and effects – great playing!

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Jonathan Kreissberg solo – London, May 2016

Here’s a bit of magic from yesterday – Jonathan Kreissberg quartet with David Kikoski, live @Pizza Express in London.

A great solo from a great player who excelled throughout the evening. Thanks Jonathan!

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